The Riondel Cable Society (a non profit society) was created proactively in June 1975. Locals came together to provide a TV service. To this day, the Society’s services have been managed and enhanced in this same spirit by its volunteers.

The Society’s initial TV service was a single channel with limited reception. Significant improvements were needed. Society volunteers spent many man-hours to replace two miles of cable and several poles with picks, shovels and ladders – and one garden tractor.

Volunteers upgraded the Society’s equipment and infrastructure as TV broadcast technology advanced. Then came the Internet! The very first provincial Network BC grant was awarded to the community of Riondel in 2005. The Society was able to offer Internet services by the spring of 2006.

TV and Internet technology continues to evolve. Society volunteers do their best to maintain a quality service for a reasonable price. We are always looking for new Technical / Admin / Message Board Volunteers. If you have a technical / administrative / management background and are interested – we’d love to hear from you!

OUR MISSION REMAINS . . . . to provide quality TV & Internet service to our members.