If you have a new IPhone that you are trying to connect to WiFi, you may get a message that reads “Weak Security WPA/WPA2 (TKIP) is not considered secure”  etc. This is due to new security features (WPA 3) that are not supported on our older routers. It is not an indication of a problem, just a warning that our routers do not support the latest technology. If you want to take advantage of these latest security features, you will need to purchase your own new router that supports WPA 3.

Internet Usage – Tips on monitoring and reducing your usage.


You can check your usage before and after you do things over the internet to determine how much bandwidth you are using.  The most common causes of overuse are downloading music, movies, games, and videos. As a guide, watching videos on YouTube uses approximately 125 MB/hour.  Sharing sites or those that use torrent-style programs can be responsible for large amounts of downloads. The settings for this type of program can be modified to reduce the amount of data you share with other users.

If you use a wireless router, make sure it is password-protected to prevent unauthorized use of your internet, and do not share this information.  If needed you can find out how to do this with the following links:



There are two passwords on your router – the admin password and then your wireless network password.  It’s a good idea to change both.

If you use Netflix, please be aware that you can reduce the bandwidth you use.  By default, Netflix streams its highest resolution video at up to 2.3 GB  per hour.  You can set it to stream at “Good” quality, limiting bandwidth to 0.3 GB per hour!
-log in to Netflix
->”Your Account” on top right
->”Your Streaming Plan” >”Manage Video Quality” link
->”Good Quality” (up to 0.3 GB per hr) >”Update Preferences”

You should have a good anti-virus program installed on your computer – McAfee, Norton, AVG (there is a free version of AVG available – just google it) as malware can cause internet usage through your modem.

To check your internet usage:  



The first time you click on this link, you will need to Create an Account for future access to your usage data.

  • Click on “Create an Account”
  • Enter your Account Number – from your recent statement or invoice
  • Enter your postal code
  • Enter your phone number

Next you will be asked to create a user name (5 or more characters) to use in further access

  • Enter the user name you would like to use
  • Enter your e-mail address

You will then be prompted to check your e-mail for a link to finish creating your account.

Once you have the e-mail, click on the link, and it will take you to the sign in page again.  Your user name and e-mail address will be entered, and you will be prompted to create a password and enter it twice.

Once you have signed in, simply click on the “Internet” tab at the top of the page, and your usage will be displayed.

If you have any problem, or need to reset your Account, please contact the Riondel Cable Society at 250-225-3433 or e-mail riondelcable@bluebell.ca